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Speak to any phone retailer and they’ll tell you they’ve got the best mobile phone deals on the market. The truth is, what they see as the best deal and the best deal for you are two very different things. You’ll only find the best mobile phone deals when you know what you need and how much you can spend to get it.

When looking for the best mobile phone deals, there are a few things to consider:

- Handset – Tariff – Network

Which handset is right for your needs? Choosing the right handset can only happen when you’ve assessed what you’ll be using your phone for. Do you mainly make calls? Do you send a lot of texts? Do you need mobile internet? Do you need to edit, create documents? When you’ve established what type of usage is most likely to occur, you can then choose the right handset from the best mobile phone deals on the market.

Your tariff is next and this is the most important decision of the three. Your tariff is what you actually pay for and will govern your monthly costs for the life of the contract. Use the information you gathered to choose your handset to also choose your perfect tariff. If you text or call a lot then you’ll need as many free minutes/texts as you can get for your budget and if you need mobile internet then get as much free internet access as you can.

Getting this right at the selection stage can save you serious amounts of money, just as getting it wrong can cost heavily.

Finally, if you have a preference for a network, try and find a tariff on that network that suits your needs. Almost all the networks have similar packages and if you prefer the customer service or free extras of one over the others then find out more about the best mobile phone deals they’ve got.

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