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First there was the landline, then there was the mobile phone and now we have smartphones. We’re sure there were other steps in that process but we wanted to get to the point quickly! Smartphones are the next generation of mobile phones, offering much more than just call, text and camera facilities.

The latest smartphones provide the user with a mini office computer from which they can continue their work while on the go. As well as the ability to call and text, you can use smartphones to access the internet via WiFi or through your network provider. This enables you to send and receive your emails and stay in the loop while traveling between meetings or offices.

Smartphones also provide PC applications such as the ability to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets while also receiving, editing and sending files to your colleagues. Whether in the latest touch-screen form or with the more conventional qwerty keyboard, smartphones offer the business mobile phone user an opportunity to substantially increase productivity.

To choose your ideal handset from the full range of smartphones and to figure out which one’s right for you; take a look at the links below and click to continue…

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